Dr Jia Liu

Dr. Jia Liu is Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of Psychology at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.  He is also the dean of the faculty of psychology at Beijing Normal University. He obtained Bachelor and Master Degrees of Science majoring in Psychology at Beijing University, followed by a Doctorate Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT under the supervision of Professor Nancy Kanwisher. He is interested in understanding individual differences in visual perception and social cognition under the interaction of inheritance and visual experiences through development. For example, with behavioral and molecular genetic methods, he investigate the inheritance of specific cognitive ability in face and space cognition, suggesting that individual differences in face and space cognition are independently heritable. On the flip-side of genetic influences, he showed that some higher level cognitions, such as conformity, are not heritable; instead, they are shaped by experiences through top-down modulation.  Recently, he has collected blood samples, multiple-modality neuroimaging data, and a variety of behavioral measures from more than 800 subjects to establish the link between genes, brain and behavioral through the individual difference approach.

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